We are the sole licensee of NINA RICCI Fine Jewelry in Japan since 2008 and have achieved the satisfactory result in the Japanese domestic market.
NINA RICCI Jewelry offers "the ESPRIT" of Paris with feminine and elegant images to our customers.
NINA RICCI Jewelries are manufactured by the top class craftsmen in Japan respecting the spirit and the concept of NINA RICCI.
  Romantic Blue
Romantic Blue is the wedding ring brands, most successfully accepted by Japanese customers.
A pretty blue sapphire is implanted inside the ring in a discreet manner as the happy charm.
The concept is originated in the Mother Goose songs "Something Blue" which is said to brings happiness to the couple.
Every ring is most carefully manufactured with the top class forging and casting technology in Japan.
et toi
  et toi
The brand name "et toi" is from French word which means "and you".
We have two product lines. One is the fine jewelries, being inspired by the nature, the plant, and the journey. The other is the series of the wedding rings which is made with the top class forging and casting technology in Japan.
SONORITE is the most luxurious diamond jewelries created on the platinum950, the worldwide standard.
The Hearts & Arrows Cut applied to the every part of the products assures the SONORITE diamond jewelries the top-class quality and satisfaction to the customers.
SONORITE series are manufactured by the highest technically skilled craftsmen in Japan.
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